Time for Change

Being in One Rotary is a great way of making new friends and connections. It might sound like a bit of a cliché, but it’s true. We’re living proof. We’re not afraid to get stuck in and we’re never short on laughter. Ever.

<span>Time for</span> Change
We Need <br/><span>Your</span> Help

We Need
Your Help

All Rotarians have a passion; and that passion is to try and make the world a better place, not just for those who aren’t able to support themselves during difficult times, or when disasters occur, but for everyone. Rotarians also like to have fun and we all enjoy what we do.

Volunteering in Rotary is not a chore. If it is, then we’re doing it wrong. The amazing thing about volunteering, is that you can join with other Rotarians with the same passion to help make significant changes in more than 200 countries and geographical locations throughout the world.
Those shared passions make us like-minded, working together to make a positive step-change for humanity and our planet.

Why Rotary? That’s why.

Keep Up To Date

It’s the breadth and variety of what we do in Rotary that surprises people the most. We hold all sorts of brilliant events – to raise money, to create awareness of important issues and to make good things happen.

<span>Keep</span> Up To Date

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We Are

We champion people from all walks of life at home and abroad. On our home turf, we support young, old and disadvantaged people alongside budding entrepreneurs and businesses.

Around the globe, we support deprived groups and communities in developing countries – helping them to rise from poverty and move towards shared and sustainable prosperity. Our polio campaign has, over 35 years, virtually eliminated the disease worldwide.

<span>Who</span> <br/>We Are

Watch Us In Action

Rotary in Lockdown
Watch our Rotarians speak about how they spend time at home, while still managing to help others.
Rotary and the Environment
Emily Stevenson speaks about what it means to be a Beach Guardian and how you can help Rotary save the oceans.
Covid-19 Foodbanks
See how Rotary4Foodbanks helps people in need with stocked foodbanks and fully fledged transportation companies.

Our Causes

Promoting Peace

Fighting Disease

Providing Clean Water

Mothers and Children


Education & Literacy

Building Local Economies

Be the Change

You have skills, you have passion, you want to help others and you want to have fun doing it. Rotary needs people like you.

Get Involved <span>Volunteer</span> Today

Get Involved Volunteer Today

One Rotary Leicester
We need you.
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